Personalized promotionsThe relationship between shoppers and retailers is evolving. When on one hand shoppers are becoming more and more aware of the wide range of choices they have, on the other hand the retailers are trying more and more to woo elusive shoppers. Creating that unforgettable customer experience which will bring the shopper back to the store is primary on every retailer’s to-do list. According to a report by Aberdeen in July 2012, titled “Automated Store Report”, retail respondents have, on an average, increased their investment in customer experience initiatives by 18%.

These initiatives mark the beginning of a new age – the age of the individual shopper. With varied tastes and preferences, the one-size-fits-all strategy is fading fast especially in the brick-and-mortar space. Retailers worldwide face an everyday challenge of customer retention and increasing basket size. In such a scenario, setting up a loyalty program is just the tip of the iceberg. What distinguishes one retailer from the other is how they utilize the data derived from these loyalty programs to create personalized experiences.

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