It’s that time of year again!

Retailers around the world are preparing for the NRF Retail Big Show 2020, and once again Manthan speaks to several retail influencers to find out what they are excited about seeing.

This year, Manthan will be talking about Algorithmic Customer Experience at Booth #5747.

But you’ll love to know that our friends and retail experts are looking forward to everything from sustainability to the snacks being served in the press room!


MANTHAN ASKED: “What big retail idea do you hope to see at NRF RETAIL’S BIG SHOW 2020?”

Tony D’Onofrio (@tonycdonofrio)

CEO of TD Insights LLC

“Here we are at 2020, that enchanted perfect vision year that many prognosticated would deliver the future of retail. At the NRF Big Show, expect to see a focus on artificial intelligence (AI) and enablement of exceptional shopping experiences.

I want to see more retailer brands at the core of innovation demonstrations. Greater focus on technology-enabled consumers/store associates as brand ambassadors. Continued innovation around my current three focus areas: AI applied to video, GPS inside stores, and facial recognition.

At the crossroads of new technology platforms and next-generation consumers, continuously expanding ‘retail renaissance’ shopping opportunities will emerge.”

Joe Skorupa (@joeskorupa)

Editorial Director, RIS News

“Digital transformation and the store of the future are impossible without advanced data networks. Fortunately, broadband is evolving and the rollout of game-changing 5G will support next-generation retail services and in-store innovations.

Look for 5G, SD-WAN, 4G LTE and Gigabyte Class LTE networks to be prominently featured at NRF20.”

Andrew Busby (@andrewbusby)

Retail Analyst & Keynote Speaker

“I’m looking forward to a fully functioning Jacob K. Javits Convention Center but as that won’t be the case, I’ll settle for a healthy dose of retail excitement, topped off with a rather fine accompaniment of retail relevance, pizzazz, and downright awesome retail inspiration.”

Nicole Reyhle

Nicole Leinbach Reyhle (@RetailMinded)

Retail Minded, Founder& Publisher, Independent Retailer Conference, Co-Founder

“I believe at NRF 2020, attendees will see a stronger focus on how sustainable actions are influencing every touchpoint of retail operations. From logistics to inventory management to packaging to customer marketing and more, I believe social good and sustainability, in general, will be a core conversation at NRF 2020.

Additionally, I think that retailers can expect to see more ways in which technology can bring clarity to their operational efforts, connectivity to their customer goals and conversion to their sales.”

Bob Phibbs (@theretaildoctor)

“Have retailers finally returned to the need to train their employees to create a branded shopping experience or are they still chasing ways to give more discounts and coupons?”

Melissa Gonzalez (@MelsStyles)

Award-winning retail strategist

“For 2020, I am looking forward to seeing where personalization can go. We are still just scratching the surface with knowing consumers on an individual level, especially as they interact and shop across channels.

I expect to see more robust opportunities not only for data capture but for analysis and more advance outputs.”

Diane J. Brisebois (@LoveRetail)

President & CEO, Retail Council of Canada

“The gap between traditional retail stores & consumer behavior has never been so enormous. Consumers are shifting behavior to invest time & money in more meaningful experiences, so I expect NRF20 to showcase technologies, design and other tools that enable retailers to respond to consumers’ shift from procurement to engagement.”

Glynn Davis (@glynndavis)

Editor, Retail Insider

“Two years ago voice was the big thing and last year it was visual analytics taking the limelight so I wonder which of these two will come to the fore in 2020 – or maybe it will be something else.

I hope we will see a little less of artificial intelligence as a lot of the 2019 solutions were rather artificial in an intelligence sense. And I also look forward to the diverse, and plain odd, range of US snack products available in the press room.”

Richard Hammond (@theseretaildays)

Author of Friction/Reward

“Two things in service of each other: further evidence of the growth of shopping as an experience, more reasons to visit; and I’d like to see more momentum behind the race to find much better analytics to identify what experience really means to customers, contextual to their shopping missions.”

Caroline Baldwin (@cl_baldwin)

Editor – Essential Retail

“Year after year, one of the biggest dates in the retail calendar has been NRF’s Big Show – a perfectly-timed kick-start to a calendar year, days after the end of peak trading. At NRF 2020, I’m hoping for true innovation and inspiration from the exhibition floor and keynote stages. 

Now-a-days, this is hard to come by because the industry is under such stress at the moment, retailers are either not innovating at such speed, or perhaps keeping any clever techniques well and truly guarded. But I’m hoping this year bosses from huge brands including Starbucks, Nordstrom and Ocado will inspire delegates as we head into a new decade, because after the last, the industry could definitely do with a boost.”

From futuristic technology to the latest visionary business cases, NRF 2020 brings together a platform for the industry to showcase what could be. To get a sneak peek of how you could offer your customers an enhanced retail experience through algorithmic programming, visit

We hope to see you there!