The Cloud Approach to Solving the Customer Analytics Puzzle Retailers who are able to crack the code and predict customer behavior enjoy disproportionate customer retention rates and increase revenues. However, predicting customer behavior can be a difficult feat. Customer expectations are changing rapidly – they no longer are satisfied with purchasing readily available products and services but demand an exceptional brand experience. Retailers may possess the customer data they need to future-proof their businesses, but their current solutions can’t operate at the speed they need to achieve valuable customer insights.

Join this webinar to hear experts from Amazon Web Services, EKN, and Manthan Systems explain how customer analytics in the cloud can overcome data integration challenges and jump start your transformation into an agile, customer-centric enterprise.

In this webinar you will hear about best practices that:

  • Add a customer-centric layer to advanced analytics for marketing, promotions, pricing and personalization
  • Deliver business insights to every executive who needs them anywhere, any time and on any device
  • Accelerate deployment of customer insights programs by leveraging cloud computing
  • Safeguard customer data with must-have data management protocols
  • Reduce operational complexity and costs with elastic, scalable infrastructure

Don’t let the complexity and costs of your traditional analytic systems paralyze your need for consumer-driven insight and agility. Register for this webinar to find out how cloud-based customer analytics can keep you a step ahead of the shopper on the path to purchase.