How can AI help marketers solve customer insight challenges?A decade of aggressive mass promotions is contributing to lower customer engagement rates, reducing ROI to less than 1% and leading to high unsubscribe rates. It´s time to change the approach to optimizing your promotional strategies with deeper customer insights.

Join our guests Brandon Purcell, Senior Analyst – Forrester, Ujwal Dhoot, VP – Merchandising & eCommerce – Charming Charlie and Varij Saurabh, Director, Customer Analytics – Manthanas they provide insights into how AI will impact marketing and how it can help marketers solve key customer marketing challenges.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • How AI impacts marketing? AI technologies and solutions available today?
  • How Charming Charlie is using Analytics to transform marketing and realizing benefits?
  • How Customer Analytics is empowering marketers to be data driven?