The Cloud Approach to Solving the Customer Analytics Puzzle Mobility in retail is now the norm — four out of five consumers are using smartphones to guide their shopping experience. When retailers leverage customer-facing mobile applications to stoke the fires of customer engagement, they can uncover substantial returns. Mobile apps are not only defining retail success but driving customer behavior: According to Deloitte, 85% of consumers who used a mobile native app during a recent shopping trip made a purchase.

The key to superior customer engagement is so much more than localized messaging and digital couponing. Retailers must join their brand strategy and marketing tactics in a cohesive fashion to deliver personalized offerings and access to shopping information via a mobile platform.

This webinar will address:

  • Consumer Trends in Mobility, Including Digital Couponing, Localization, Personalization and Product Search
  • What Your Customer Really Wants When It Comes to Mobile — Key Mobile Features
  • The Building Blocks of an Effective Mobile Strategy for Better Shopper Engagement and Brand Advocacy
  • Best Practices and Highlights From Real World Retail Mobility Projects