Virtual Fitting Rooms: Changing Rooms Going Virtual To Lay Fit-Related Doubts To RestHow about trying garments on your 3D digital dead ringer to see if they fit your actual physical dimensions before you buy them from an online fashion store? Sounds like the gifted boy wizard of the legendary Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry has invented a new transfiguration trick. Today, even muggles like you and I can take full advantage of this new feature. The new technological wonder blurring the lines between online and physical fashion retail is virtual fitting room. The technology simulates the in-store dressing room environment and gives web shoppers a fun-filled, painless, and intelligent fit solution. Shoppers always have a doubt about how a garment will look on their own body, and hence ordering online was a matter of hit-or-miss and that’s why they prefer shopping at physical stores where they can actually try the product. But virtual fitting rooms are leaving less space for doubt by offering several benefits to the shoppers.Login to readmore