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Manish Das is a part of the Supplier Collaboration and Analytics team which helps retailers and suppliers manage their processes, promotion, space, products and enables them to take strategic and tactical decisions. Manish is a retailer by heart & loves to spend time in stores- physical as well as virtual. He has over 7 years of retail experience and has worked with key retailers in buying, merchandising & key account functions.

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Efficient store operations can deliver better shopper experiences and drive sustainable retail growth through improved shopper loyalty.

Mayank Reddy is Product specialist- Customer Analytics at Manthan. Mayank works closely with businesses in helping them adopt and leverage analytics to derive maximum value out of their data. Mayank has extensive experience in the Marketing/Customer analytics and has worked closely with a range of CPG, E-Commerce and QSR companies and helped them in their analytics journey

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Delicious food alone cannot take you as far as you would like to reach. In the age of the digital consumer, having a well-crafted strategy for mobility is the key that will unlock sustainable future.

As Sr. Manager, Marcomm at Manthan, Nidhi brings in a decade and half long experience in Marketing and Communication, specializing in customer connect through right content and right channel. The author focuses on Retail Analytics that enables Retail Marketers personalize their communication with customers through specific targeting and understanding their purchase behavior. Nidhi Mahesh's Google+ Profile

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A retail analytics partner doesn’t just help with process optimization. They also need to help retailers grow, spot new opportunities and guide retailers through the highs and lows of the retail environment.

Peter was a retail and software executive with over 30 years of experience in the retail high-tech industry. The author was leverages his expertise across several areas including Inventory Optimization, Retail ERP, Merchandise Planning and Inventory Management to develop innovative solutions for the retail and CPG industries.

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Getting the balance right between what you stock and what your customers want to buy is a critical aspect of retailing that, if not mastered, can lead to disastrous implications for your business.

Few lines about him: Sambit is a part of the Supplier Collaboration and Analytics team which helps retailers and suppliers manage their processes, promotion, space, products and enables them to take strategic and tactical decisions. Sambit has over 9+ years of experience and has worked with key CPG manufacturers on their business issues to develop solutions that aid decision making, using syndicated and house hold panel data.Google+ Profile

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The power of Big Data analytics is turning data into action. Both the brick and mortar and e-retailers are finding their ways and means to capture the shopper imagination.

Sameer heads the Supplier Collaboration product line at Manthan. His interest and experience is in using technology to help business enterprises improve business processes and increase productivity.Google+ Profile

Sanjay Kupae is Sr. Product Marketing Manager – Customer Analytics at Manthan. Sanjay is an analytics enthusiast, focused promoting structured and unstructured analytics solutions that help businesses understand and engage their customers better. Sanjay is passionate about marketing strategy, business development, messaging, marketing analytics and multi-channel campaign execution. Sanjay has a BE in Electronics and Communication from Bangalore University and a MBA in Strategy from University of Nebraska, Lincoln. Follow Sanjay on Twitter @skupae

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What does a fashion retail marketer's day look like? This infographic depicts how today's marketing manager uses advanced analytics to drive business insights.

Santosh Kumar is a senior marketing professional with extensive experience in helping business’ get the very best in BI and Analytics Solutions. If your business is looking to adopt and leverage analytics in any form, he is the person you need to be talking to. Linkedin , Twitter

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The fight over which restaurant gets to satisfy your appetite is surely heating up. With ~$800B sales last year, this is an exciting space to watch, especially now. Customer expectations are at an all-time high and the consumer behavior is simply changing. This article looks at some of the innovative uses of advanced analytics by different restaurant chains across the world.

Seema Agarwal is VP Product Management at Manthan with over 17 years of experience at the confluence of Retail and Analytics. Spearheading product strategy and management for the Merchandising Portfolio of solutions, Seema has been at the forefront of building cutting-edge analytical and decision making products for Manthan. Having run a range of functions from merchandising & buying, to store operations and marketing at various leading retailers, Seema aims to transform how retailers use the power of analytics everyday for competitive advantage. Google + Profile

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Successful retailers can accurately predict outcomes prior to the season and utilize effective in-season tactics to address the unexpected. How do they accomplish this? Is it insight or analytics?

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