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As a marketer, I’ve keenly watched the retail and consumer trends for a couple decades. But never has it been more exciting than now. Because everything we used to know about shopping is changing, and fast. As consumers, it’s great to be at the center of this technology-led evolution, because it’s unfolding in our everyday lives. I’m happy to share my views on related trends and issues. You’ll see me writing on the digitally empowered consumer, shopper behavior and marketing, consumerization of retail, internet of things, analytics technologies, cloud computing and digital marketing. Presently, I’m Director of Marketing at Manthan, a cloud analytics and big data solutions provider, focused on consumer industries. I’d love to hear and learn from your thoughts and experiences too, so please write to me at Google+ Profile

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This week Manthan catches up with AI expert and influencer, Dr. Craig Brown.

Lead personalization and mobility products at Manthan Systems. 15 years of experience across product management, evangelism, implementation and software development Conceptualized and created new products, cloud based SAAS offerings and led development of enterprise products. Possess a strong technology background with deep expertise in Data Management, Business Intelligence and Mobility.

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In-store personalization in retail is the ability to identify customers, understand their current context and respond back with highly relevant and personalized recommendations.

16 years of experience across sales, marketing, product management, management consulting and entrepreneurship in retail, consumer and technology markets. Specialties: Technology markets, consumer goods and retail, business-to-business marketing

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Capitalizing the “Moments That Matter” in the customer lifecycle is key to delivering relevant promotions that deliver desired business outcomes.

Multi-faceted engineering leader with blend of technology, leadership and strategic skills backed by entrepreneurial instincts. His responsibilities at Manthan include building a world-class engineering team and culture, and driving the next generation of industry leading products, technology and innovation.

Every time I see a version of my ‘bio’, I discover a fascinating new me. So I am convinced now, that the best person to tell you a little about Atul Jalan, is Atul Jalan. So here is a quick ‘autobio’. 'Manthan' was a folder on my desktop when I was on a sabbatical after my last venture. ‘Manthan’, in Sanskrit, is to contemplate. And my mission today as CEO, is to keep this spirit of contemplation alive as Manthan emerges as a consequential contender in analytics for consumer industries worldwide. I know that this sounds like a cliche, but all of us at Manthan know that each tomorrow in analytics brings something new and exciting. And it is my happiest responsibility to stimulate the spirit of invention and innovation that Manthan is known for. I spend most of my time talking analytics. But trust me, I am not a unidimensional analytics mutant. If whoever is reading this ever calls me up (wink, wink, business journalists), please feel free to talk about anything - aero-modelling, astronomy, quantum physics (honestly), the last movie you saw, Richard Feynman, 3D printing, quadcopters, whatever. And if you have the time and ear for it, let’s talk verse; which I dabble in and delight in. Yesterday, I was running around. Manthan is my fourth venture, MicroTrack, Cybertrek and Net Kraft. Along the way, I found time to have a son and now, I wait for him to find time to come skiing with me. For tomorrow, I have some really hirsute goals. And if you want to chat about tomorrow, yours or mine, am always more than willing. Linkedin Profile

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In his recent talk at Cypher-2017, Atul Jalan cuts through what he calls the “hullabaloo, hyperbole and hubris” that surrounds Artificial Intelligence(AI) to give us a new perspective on what awaits us in the near future.

Hillary Ashton has 20 years of experience in helping Fortune 500 companies across various industries such as retail, financial services, telecom, manufacturing and hospitality. As VP of Customer Analytics at Manthan, Ashton is focused on helping B2C businesses leverage marketing, analytics and technology to better understand their customers and drive profits. Prior to Manthan, she served in various marketing leadership positions at SAS, Digitas and several technology startups.

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Manthan Head of Customer Analytics Hillary Ashton reviews session content from the June 2015 Argyle CMO Leadership Forum in San Francisco, California.

Jagan Mohan is VP of Product Management and Solution Engineering at Manthan, with over 17 years of rich, cross-functional experience in the areas of analytics solution design, engineering, product management, big data, high performance architecture and delivering customer successes. Creating and testing new ideas for engineering solutions in a digital, real-time, connected world of people, information and devices, is what consumes most of Jagan's thinking time.

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We are already seeing Intelligent Personal Assistants deployed at scale in the consumer world with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri and the same trend is going to play out in enterprise now

Joanna Beerman is Director of Customer Analytics at Manthan. In this role, she uses her previous experience in marketing and business development in the technology and retail industries to provide strategic and tactical support of Manthan’s analytical solutions and services to support marketers worldwide. A “pragmatic marketer,” proficient in synthesizing market insights and company strengths to develop and deliver compelling messaging, Joanna is passionate about branding, marketing optimization and the customer’s path-to-purchase. She has a BA in Psychology from University of California Santa Barbara and a MBA with a marketing emphasis from Pepperdine University. Linkedin Profile

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Customer segmentation starts with the right data. Read this post to learn about the seven categories to deliver best-in-class customer segments to drive your marketing tactics.

Kevin is a true professional in all ways. First, he is an excellent executive sales leader focused on serving his clients well. Second, he is a terrific people manager. Third, he produces great results and will stop at nothing to achieve objectives. Last, but most important, he is a very good person who cares about the people he works with and serves. I am a huge supporter of Kevin and am proud to recommend him.

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A key trend to watch out for this year in retail is personalization.[1] Though online retailers have been widely using personalization pioneered by Amazon for many years now, its new avatar in multi-channel retail