Atul Jalan

Atul Jalan

Every time I see a version of my ‘bio’, I discover a fascinating new me. So I am convinced now, that the best person to tell you a little about Atul Jalan, is Atul Jalan. So here is a quick ‘autobio’. 'Manthan' was a folder on my desktop when I was on a sabbatical after my last venture. ‘Manthan’, in Sanskrit, is to contemplate. And my mission today as CEO, is to keep this spirit of contemplation alive as Manthan emerges as a consequential contender in analytics for consumer industries worldwide. I know that this sounds like a cliche, but all of us at Manthan know that each tomorrow in analytics brings something new and exciting. And it is my happiest responsibility to stimulate the spirit of invention and innovation that Manthan is known for. I spend most of my time talking analytics. But trust me, I am not a unidimensional analytics mutant. If whoever is reading this ever calls me up (wink, wink, business journalists), please feel free to talk about anything - aero-modelling, astronomy, quantum physics (honestly), the last movie you saw, Richard Feynman, 3D printing, quadcopters, whatever. And if you have the time and ear for it, let’s talk verse; which I dabble in and delight in. Yesterday, I was running around. Manthan is my fourth venture, MicroTrack, Cybertrek and Net Kraft. Along the way, I found time to have a son and now, I wait for him to find time to come skiing with me. For tomorrow, I have some really hirsute goals. And if you want to chat about tomorrow, yours or mine, am always more than willing. Linkedin Profile


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