Analytics-fortified personalization or plain vanilla segmentation, the argument continuesCustomers are at the nucleus of the business atom. But, they are not a homogeneous species. Asymmetry in taste, preference and attitude is the ruling principle of the shopper world. As such, organizations always keep their eye on the ball to engage customers in the best possible way. In doing so, they communicate relevant messages to customers through two popular industry practices-segmentation and personalization. The former is a macro level perspective on customers, while the latter is the more intimate one. Segmentation is the art of slicing the whole customer orb into different parts based on specific attributes. If we go down further, we will descend to the lowest point and can establish direct contact with individual shoppers. This is known as personalization. Basically, the whys and the whats for the existence of these two schools of marketing thoughts are same. Only the approaches are different.Login to readmore