14 Retailers Showcase their Personalization StrategiesBy using technology to harness in-depth customer information and turn their data points into insights, smart retailers around the world are showcasing how to keep customers at the centre of their business model.

From knowing their customers to creating products just for them, check out how these retailers are leading the way to proactive personalization.

Personalized Soda on Tap

Coca-Cola has started offering Singaporeans the ability to create their soda through its Coca-Cola Freestyle. Combining over 80 different flavours, consumers can get their own drink flavours in variations of diet, caffeine free and fruit choices.

All my products? Chek!

Canada’s largest sports retailing chain, SportChek is another leading retailer that is quickly adapting technology to enhance its customer experience. In addition to merging their physical and digital stores, some outlets offer specialized kiosks such as Reebok kiosks where customers can build the shoes they want, and Oakley kiosks that allow them to create their personalized sunglasses.
They also have specialized treadmills which when used recommends shoe sizes, types and special offers.

Kate Spade carries me!

Called Saturday’s Bespoke Bag, Kate Spade offers consumers the ability to design their own weekender bags. A favorite for shoppers with an eye for design, this interactive tool lets buyers put their own mark twist on the classic, canvas carrier bag.

No Mean Feetz

Say goodbye to poor fitting shoes and chafed heels! Advances in manufacturing are inspiring 3d-printed footwear brands like Feetz to let consumers take charge of their footwear.
Feetz 3-D printed footwear designs are moulded to one’s sole, and offer customers a range of choices in colors and styles to choose from.

Your Personalized Treasure Trove

3D printing has also pushed the fashion industry to offer custom jewelry. While most 3D printing shops online will retail pre-made objects, Trove takes this idea further by providing customers a bespoke jewelry design platform. In addition, any design created becomes a part of the Trove collective database, which other users can further customize and embellish.

Sweet Choices from KitKat

Following the lead of other brands who launched limited pop-up stores, Kit Kat is letting customers create custom chocolate bars in Sydney Australia. Just choose your chocolaty base, and add-in different ingredients.

Rose Athena

Online Canadian fashion boutique Rose Athena puts their consumers in the driver’s seat with a bespoke dress designer. The fashion retailer allows consumers to select from ready-to-wear and made-to-order designs, which can also be detailed and customized to one’s liking.

The Secret is Personalization

Victoria’s Secret has opened an interactive beauty bar called the ‘VS Fantasies Fragrance Studio’ which lets customers blend different fragrances in order to create their unique signature scent. Consumers can blend, mix and layer fragrances in order to design a customized perfume that is suited to their personality, and which no one else will have.

Henry Ford would be turning in his grave

Long gone are the days when car color was a choice customers fought for. At the CES 2016, Audi unveiled its Virtual Showroom which allows customers to experience vehicles, features and upgrades and “meet” their new vehicle before it’s even delivered.

Wrap your head around that!

Burberry, long-known for pushing the boundaries in retail technology, is offering a new service which allows customers to design their own personalized scarves. Called the Burberry ‘Scarf Bar’ this service allows every customer the opportunity to buy a scarf that matches their personal style.

Ooh la la! Scanners get personal in Klépierre malls

French shopping centers can now make customized fashion suggestions. Called the “Inspiration Corridor” and interactive booth scans fitted in Klépierre malls scans your face and body, and analyses what you are wearing to make personalized recommendations.

Coat of Many Colors – Eddie Bauer

American clothing store chain, Eddie Bauer recently launched a service that allows customers to design customized winter jackets. Customers can create a jacket that meets all of their needs either online or in-store, and the fashion retailer hopes to be able to extend this service to its other products in the new future.

PinPointing Fashion from Zappos

Using data available on social media site, Pinterest, Amazon online fashion retailer Zappos has created an app called ‘PinPointing’. The app analyses what shoppers pin on their Pinterest boards and makes product recommendations from its own assortment of clothing, shoes, and accessories.

According to Popsop, PinPointing “is designed to draw parallels between users’ personal pins and those of other Pinterest users.”

Customized Phone Plans with Sure

Why limit packages when your customers can tailor their cellular phone plans themselves? That’s what the marketers at Sure, a Europe-based cell phone service provider, put together by offering customers the ability to design their own personalized phone plans. Using clever gamification technology and touch screen interiors, Sure customers can learn about products, while assessing their own specific needs.