12 incredible IoT products: Why are these experts excited about the future?Who isn’t excited about future technologies? IoT in particular, has captured the imagination of both consumers and businesses, alike with its potential ability to improve our lifestyles and anticipate our needs.

But what’s even more thrilling is when leaders in IoT are themselves excited about something new on the horizon.

Manthan spoke to several such leaders to learn their views on the latest Internet of Things (IoT) products.

What is your favorite, new Internet of Things (IoT) product?

Technology & Digital Strategist

THEO PRIESTLEY“For me, the IoT device that shows both the most promise and is a bit of a sleeper hit just now, is the Amazon Echo. You can control networked devices like Nest with it, order an Uber from it, and of course order goods from Amazon. Its use cases are expanding all the time, and it will ignite a race from Apple and Google to be the prime ambient interface in your home.”

Head of Innovation, Brandwidth

DEAN JOHNSON“Fave IoT product is… actually it’s something I can’t name because of an NDA but can give an idea. It’s the combination of ‘Hearable’ and live translation. Superb concept to deliver real-time, in-ear, live translation, especially as I’m so bad with languages. Has the potential to transform international travel.”

Forbes Top 20 “Social Media Power Influencer”

GLEN GILMORE, ESQ “Hated my Google Glass. Love my Apple Watch. Hands-free alerts. Health tracking. GPS tapping = heads-up for driving.  Social media management. Commerce. Managing calls. Seeing text messages at a glance. Finding my lost iPhone! Would love to see Apple launch a driverless car! Connected things must be efficient, safe and secure.”

CEO / CAO, Statoo Consulting
Adjunct Professor of Data Science, University of Geneva

PROF. DR. ÈS SC. DIEGO KUONEN“My favourite new Internet of Things (IoT) product is Analytics of Things (AoT). IoT devices generate a lot of data and statistical principles and rigour are necessary to correctly collect the “right” data and to make sense out of these big data. Therefore, at the heart of AoT lies statistics. A promising IoT technology product to fulfil this is the Dell Edge Gateway.”


DANA BLOUIN“The IoT technology I am most excited about right now is anything in the augmented reality space. I am always saying that connectivity facilitates communication and that drives interaction and data insights and I think nothing is better positioned to take advantage of this better than AR. I recently had a conversation with the CEO of LaForge Optical about their upcoming AR Glasses product. I think they are moving in the right direction as far as what will be a winning combination in this space and I am super excited to see the traction they gain post launch.”

Author, IoT Disruptions

SUDHA JAMTHE“My favorite IoT Product is Alexa. Alexa is the voice API that drives the Amazon Echo device. It is the center of our home and chats with the whole family. Its success is because of its open API connecting to Nest and other home products and also allowing developers to add ‘skills’ such as SMSwithMolly to send texts by talking to Alexa.”

CIO, Maxil Technology Solutions
iCrunchdataNews Author

RAJ KOSARAJU“A lot of people think about IoT in the area of sensors and wirelessly connected things, such as lights that turn on through an app. But actually, IoT is about much more than things; it’s also about the insights and capabilities that connectivity provides and how these new capabilities can create better value. When I think of a successful IoT case, I often think about Uber, a ride-sharing, car-hailing app that takes advantage of connectivity information to deliver value to both drivers and passengers.

So how exactly does Uber monetize IoT? Uber doesn’t build its own connected cars, doesn’t own any cars and doesn’t own the drivers. Its business model simply taps into the data enabled by IoT. Using information such as driver location, passenger location and payment method, Uber helps connect the dots between a passenger looking for a ride and a driver willing to provide it. By packaging this material in a consumable way through a mobile app, Uber delivers a new level of customer engagement and gives power to the consumer.”

Director, Adversitement

RONALD VAN LOON“My favourite IoT product is Philips HUE and its app that continuously recommends me which light scene fits best in each room depending on the day, time, weather, my behaviour and my previous choices. Being at home has become a ‘new experience’!”


DAMIR ČAUŠEVIĆ“Being IoT aficionado, I’m always looking for something to amaze me and still be such a useful case for the masses. Saying that, I fell in love with Hansure by Observe Design.

Those guys came with the solution to help hospitals and doctors who work there. The tool is analysing the movement and informs doctors to disinfect their hands by using special gel from the device which is clipped to the doctor’s belt. That feature, where one small device measures, analyses, warns, releases gel and gives doctors an opportunity to be fast when moving from patient to patient, clean and safe and saves lives….is absolutely priceless.”

VIT tech journo

JOÃO MARQUES LIMA“My favourite IoT device of the moment has to be the Amazon Echo. A truly smart home assistant that is bridging the gap between yesterday’s dream and the future of super intelligent homes. It helps fight loneliness, answers most questions accurately and is a fantastic entertainment system. Once connecting it to other parts of the home (lighting, sound system, etc.) becomes easier for the average consumer, it will become a very powerful product. It will be interesting to see other companies coming out with similar products. It’s picking up!”

IoTWeeklyNews.com  .

JUSTIN GRAMMENSFluid Water Meter gives you the ability to track water usage and alerts when usage falls out of configured bounds. Great for detecting leaks, setting goals and tracking usage. I see great uses in commercial and municipalities to use less water in recreation centers and government buildings.”

VP & Principal Analyst, Constellation Research Inc.

DR. NATALIE PETOUHOFF“Every new product innovation like the Halo Smart Labs Smoke Alarm from Halo Smart Labs is subjected to one simple, but profound question: “Will this save lives?” Only when the answer is yes does the company move forward to production. Halo’s singular focus is to ensure they will deliver on their mission – to make the environment in, and around, every home in the world safer.”