Endless Aisles In Fashion- Blurring The Line Between In-Store And Online ShoppingSo, the itinerary has been chalked out for that va-va-voom hiking adventure you are going to take in the boondocks next weekend. Is there anything lacking in your heavy-duty hiking gear? You guessed it right. Maybe you need a pair of good hiking-friendly shoes. Now, would you like to buy the shoes from an e-store or pick it up at a big-box outlet? That’s a fine how-do-you-do. In the first instance, you may be tempted to go online. But believe me, if you land at the nearest brick-and-mortar, you will experience the orbit-shifting concept that is fading away the generally perceived dissimilarities between online and offline like never before. This new wave lashing the fashion retailing shores has been christened as “endless aisle”.

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