Are Delayed Insights Hampering Your Retail Marketing Effectiveness?In in the past few years, retailers have come to terms that analytics is a vital part of their business and so most of them have implemented some sort of data warehouses and analytics solutions. But there are many areas for which retailers still cannot utilize the data that they collect. And of course, the data sources are growing and giving out big volumes of information and raw material. It is a hugely complex task to manage all the data and bring useful insights out of it. In fact, at the recently concluded NRF 2013, many retailers showed concerns about having all the data in the world, but not getting expedient insights when needed the most. Analyzing past performance periodically is not enough anymore, retailers now aspire to predict and plan outcomes everyday, and build their marketing efforts on more concrete evidence of customer preference. They need to act here and now in order to remain competitive.Login to readmore