Gamification strategyRetailers are constantly on the lookout to create new and innovative customer experiences in order to engage shoppers, create excitement, and build loyalty. Many retailers have tried Gamification but only a few have been successful in generating real benefits out of it. Retailers often ask: Are games only for the young generation? Will games work even in the physical store environment, or are they only for social media? What kind of rewards can I offer?

It is important to understand that games are powered by six core elements: desire, incentive, challenge, achievement/reward, feedback, and mastery (Retail Touch Points).Retailers must evaluate their target audience and then identify the gaming channels and rewards that will work for them. It is only when retailers are able to crack a gaming idea that ties-in the brand, offers an engrossing and stimulating experience to the users, and incorporates all the elements of a successful Gamification strategy, can retailers hope to succeed.