“BI must become mobile. It’s not HOW or IF it (mobility) will be a benefit, but when it will become mainstream and expected …. just as cars need tires…”

“Perfect for retail, to be able to interact with your data and your products in real time, no longer will a manager say ‘Let me get back to you’”

BI users from the Retail Industry

BI users from the retail industrySmartphone wielding customers are changing the rules of the retail game. In recent times, brick-and-mortar retailers have been frustrated by the growing numbers of shoppers walking into their stores to check out products physically and then going online to competitor sites to buy the same products at cheaper rates. The practice, quite rampant in the retail industry, has earned a name for itself – ‘showrooming’.

Leading retailers like Best Buy and Walgreens deployed mobile Business Intelligence (BI) enabled tablets on their store floors to provide store associates with the same ammunition that shoppers possess with smartphones, and to prevent their stores from becoming product showrooms.