Why Walk a Tightrope? Business Analytics can Ease the Strain

Incessant introductions of innovative product labels, novel variations and complex combinations of base products targeting every possible consumer segment are some of the tactics that manufacturing brands adopt in order to cover a larger consumer base. While these definitely lead to increase in buying and work in favor of both manufacturers and retailers, the amount of brand and product variety complicates the stocking situation for retailers.

Large format grocery retailers have been riding the wave of health trends that have emerged over the last few years – green living, organic foods, and meals-on-the-run. In the US, many large format retailers are seeking small community corner lots to establish smaller convenience format stores to boost such trends. The example is set by the UK-based retail giant Tesco, operating a number of small format ‘Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Markets’ in the US. Walmart has opened several Marketside stores in the suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona.